Weekly Devotional

September 22 2015

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Remember who gets the credit

The 40-year desert ordeal was nearing an end. Moses admonished the people to pause: “Look back and recall how God has led you. Ponder the lessons he’s taught you. Reflect upon the ways he has humbled you, admonished you, and disciplined you. Remember the God who has blessed you. Just look at the litany of blessings:

He brought you out. He led you through the terrifying wilderness. He protected you from fiery serpents and scorpions.He quenched burning thirst with water from a barren rock. He fed you with the celestial bread of angels.

“All to humble you. Beware that you do not credit those blessings to your abilities and efforts. It’s tempting to believe you are somehow worthy of God’s blessings, as though you’ve earned them. However, he desired that you, without any question, recognize that it was your loving Father who was responsible for every gift, every provision. Don’t hesitate to recognize that. Give him the credit and offer him the thanks.”

In like manner, as we journey forward in our lives, God is looking for humble, obedient, submissive, grateful, and worshipping hearts. These are the ones he has covenanted to bless.

By; Bruce Fiol